Spring 2024

Using Digital Literacy to Enhance the Language Learning Experience

Welcome to the Share Fair where this semester you will hear a series of 5-minute presentations from graduate students on language teaching topics and the digital literacy, such as:

  • Digital tools for language instruction
  • Language for digital communication
  • Accessibility in the language classroom

FRIDAY, March 31, 2024
2:30–4:30 PM
GA 0001

Introduction of the event
Keynote Speech: Dr. Rhi Johnson

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rhi Johnson

(The College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Spanish and Portuguese)

Rhi Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, specializing in Iberian cultural production across the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition to journal publications, Johnson is the editor and translator of Because I Want to See the Sea: Poems by Rosalía de Castro (with Valparaíso Ediciones in 2021), and is coeditor and translator of Tears and Flowers: A Poet of Migration in Old Key West,
slated for release in October of 2024 with the University of Florida Press. The current focus of their research links new materialisms and gender studies in the monograph Women and Water: Fluxes of the Feminine in the Nineteenth Century, under advanced contract with the University of Toronto Press. In the scholarship of teaching and learning, Johnson is a fellow of IU College of Arts and Sciences Career Connections, Digital Gardeners, and the Indiana University High School/College Bridge Project; they have presented at the Indiana and North Carolina Foreign Language Teachers Association Conferences, received grant funding at the University of North Carolina to develop L2 learning tools, and published on pedagogic strategy in the Boletin Martiano with the University of Tampa.

Presentations: First Half

Lucia Casiraghi, FRIT,  Local Narratives and Global Issues: Empowering Language Students through Digital Literacy
Rehita Hasian Batubara, SEAS, Teman Bicara: A Mutually Beneficial Foreign Language Learning
Deniz Emir, CEUS, Improving Turkish Language Skills by Nearpod: "Easy, fun, effective"
Ayman Elbarbary, MELC and EDUC Creating Digitalized Arabic Activities Based on ACTFL World-Readiness Standards

Presentations: Second Half

Kuanyu Huang, EALC,  Incorporating Digital Tools into Chinese New Year Celebrations
Mengyi Wang, EALC, Text for Help: Intergrating Typing Skills in Chinese Language Practice  
Natalia Matskevich-Levin, FRIT, Enhancing Russian Language Skills through Movie Booking Websites
Jade Liu, FRIT, Accessibility in the Language Classroom: A Digital Perspective