Spring 2023

Engaging the Senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, & Smell in the Language Classroom

Welcome to the Share Fair where this semester you will hear a series of 5-minute presentations from graduate students on language teaching topics and the senses, such as:

  • Music and Hearing
  • Food and Taste
  • Visuals and Sight

2:30–4:30 PM
GA 0001

Introduction of the event
Keynote Speech

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Martha Nyikos

(School of Education at Indiana University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction)

Dr. Martha Nyikos is associate professor of Literacy, Culture and Language Education and Director of world languages and ESL education in the School of Education. She teaches methods courses leading to teacher certification for kindergarten through high school teaching for eight languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish). Here at IU, she also serves as Pedagogical Director for Bridges: Children, Languages, World. Prof. Nyikos’ teaching excellence has been recognized with several awards. To name one: in 2021 the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) named her the National Language Teacher Educator of the Year. She regularly provides professional development workshops in the U.S. and abroad.
She is a heritage language speaker of Hungarian and taught German and ESL for many years. Her research in language learning strategies and pedagogy focuses on oral proficiency, strategies students formulate, and learner self-efficacy—including how students develop their strategic language learning through multisensory approaches.

Presentations: First Half

How to Express Yourself Through Taste, Hicham Bouhlal, FRIT
French Candy: A Gourmet Lesson, Melissa Lapalus, FRIT
Facilitating Retention Through Music, Arielle Roadman, FRIT
Let's find a place! Using Mural App for Engaging Students' interaction, Especially Work on the Map. Nyamgerel Purevjav, CEUS
Teaching Italian Through the Senses: How a Creative Final Project Can Inspire New Learning Strategies, Alvise Stefani and Nicolò Salmaso, FRIT  
Bajo la Tormenta: Remembering Stem-changing Verbs, Jennifer Formwalt, HISP
The Tree of Reflection, Aigerim Kazymbek, CEUS

Presentations: Second Half

Turkish Omelette: Menemen, Hamdiye Hale Özcan, CEUS
Engaging Their Senses: Creating Student-Created Activities in Language Classes, Matthew Ajibade, AFRI
Minimal Physical Response, Nora McNamara, SLS
Learning Animal Vocabulary through Finnish Proverbs, Laura Niemeläinen, CEUS
Reels in the Classroom: Using Social Media Clips to Engage Language Students. Decker Pope, FRIT
Sharing is Caring: Fostering a Sense of Community in the L2 Classroom, Kai Owens and Nicolas Noe, FRIT
I see what I Touch, Yeoeun Park, EALC