Fall 2021

The New Normal:

Transitioning Remote Teaching Strategies to the Physical Classroom

 Date: Friday, November 12th, 2021, 2:00 - 4:30 pm
Location: TV 251


Ms. Yingling Bao, Ph.D CandidateEast Asian Languages and Studies

Senior Lecturer of Chinese

Keynote Speaker

Center for Language Technology;



Dr. Jeffrey D. Holdeman

Dr. Xiaojing Kou


Evie Munier, Chair
Jade Liu       Masura Peuly     Miku Fukasaku    
   Jordan Hussey-Andersen      Hicham Bouhal    
Jane Gilbert       Drew Shaeffer
CeLT Staff


Victor Temitope Alabi

“Beyond the Classroom: Using Seesaw in Language Learning”
Presenter: Victor Temitope Alabi, African Studies

Kaung Myat

"Two Effective Online Teaching Strategiesfor In-Person Classes"
Presenter: Kaung Myat, SEAS

Elke Defever

"Online Apps in Person: Introducing Pixton
Presenter: Elke Defever, French and Italian 

Yu-hi Tong and Yu-Tian Jian

"Utilizing Multimedia Tools to Engage Students in the Classroom"
Presenters: Yu-Chi Tong and Yu-Ting Jian

Nora McNamara

"A Pronunciation Journey for Minimal Pairs"
Presenter: Nora McNamara, Second Language Studies

Nurlaeli Hidayanti

"Practical Assessment on Canvas"
Presenter: Nurlaeli Hidayanti

Claire Fouchereaux

"Zooming through Class: Three Time-Saving Strategies for In-Person Teaching"
Presenter: Claire Fouchereaux

Yu-Ting Tseng and Yi-Chun Kuo

"Integrating Videos into In-Person Classes"
Presenters: Yu-Ting Tseng and Yi-Chun Kuo

Lucia Casiraghi

"Virtual Contacts with Italy"
Presenter: Lucia Casiraghi, French and Italian