Fall 2022 IU Second and Foreign Language Share Fair

Deadline of Proposals: October 9, 2022, by 11:59pm
“All our knowledge begins with the senses,” says Immanuel Kant. Language learning is no exception. Visual cues offer a glimpse into new worlds and cultures, and spatial representation aids in the organization, categorization, and retention of vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Sounds and rhythms mimic the ebb and flow of language and offer a unique instrument for bridging linguistic boundaries. Physical engagement through movement and touch can enhance student interest and boost memory. Tastes and smells, too, act as a gateway to new cultures and new worlds.How then, as language instructors, can we use experiential learning to create an interactive and inclusive classroom? How can we teach grammar, vocabulary, and culture by engaging the senses?
The IU Foreign/Second Language Share Fair invites proposals from Language Associate Instructors and FLTAs for rapid-fire five-minute presentations of CREATIVE activities that incorporate one or more of the senses into the language classroom.
  • Creating games and activities using realia and the principles of Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • Teaching pronunciation through sounds, rhythms, and songs.
  • Integrating foods and scents into instructional activities on vocabulary, history, and culture
  • Building cultural sensitivity through immersive hands-on experiences
  • Engaging a “sense” of creativity, a “sense” of humor, and a “sense” of adventure
    in the language classroom
 Date of the Event: Friday, November 11, 2022, 2:30-4:30 pm
Location: HLS Building GA 0001 Auditorium


What is Share Fair?

  • The IU Foreign Language Share Fair is a semi-annual event that encourages both graduate students and faculty to share inspiring ideas, useful teaching strategies, and new activities that can be widely applied in language classes.
  • Our vision is to create and foster a true community of language educators through interdepartmental collaboration. We believe in the supporting power of networking and learning from peers, and it is our mission to provide a casual and welcoming environment for this unique and worthy cause.


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