Spring 2022 IU Second and Foreign Language Share Fair



“Music is the universal language of mankind,” American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says. The sounds and rhythms of music, mimicking the ebb and flow of language, offer a unique instrument for bridging linguistic boundaries. Lyrics, too, can act as a medium for language transmission and retention. How, then, as language instructors, can we use the universality of music to create an interactive musical classroom? How can we teach grammar, vocabulary, and culture using pitch, lyrics, rhythm, songs, sounds and movement? How can music help us connect more deeply with students to bridge the diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our classroom? How do we motivate and engage students with the various facets of music?
The IU Foreign/Second Language Share Fair invites proposals from Language Associate Instructors and FLTAs for rapid-fire five- minute presentations of creative activities that incorporate music, musical or sound-based activities into the language classroom.
* Incorporating lyrics, rhythm, and/or dance into grammar and vocabulary instruction
* Catering to learning preferences with hands-on learning activities through music and dance
* Using music to teach culture and foster empathy and inclusivity
* Teaching pronunciation through sounds and songs Finding and adapting musical pieces to the language classroom
 Date of the Event: Friday, April 8th, 2022, 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Location: Woodburn 101


What is Share Fair?

  • The IU Foreign Language Share Fair is a semi-annual event that encourages both graduate students and faculty to share inspiring ideas, useful teaching strategies, and new activities that can be widely applied in language classes.
  • Our vision is to create and foster a true community of language educators through interdepartmental collaboration. We believe in the supporting power of networking and learning from peers, and it is our mission to provide a casual and welcoming environment for this unique and worthy cause.


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